What No One Tells You About Anxiety Disorder and Substance Abuse

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A Case for Increased Regulation — The Opioid Wars

It is a generally accepted fact that we (US & Canada) are experiencing an “Opioid Epidemic.” The President of the United States, Donald Trump, recently declared this epidemic a National Health Emergency and signed an Executive Order to provide authority to various government departments regarding a rapid response plan. The Center for Disease Control and… via [...]

What is Addiction? Key Terms and Facts

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Addiction is defined as a primary, chronic, and relapsing brain disease characterized by an individuals pathological need to  pursuing of rewards and/orrelief  from Substance Use Disorder and other disorders. The Opiod Epidemic: A National Crisis The Opiod Epidemic is the leading cause of death in The United states [...]

Addiction is a Family Disease — Addiction Recovery Resources

The American Society of Addiction Medicine defines addiction as the following: “Addiction is a primary, chronic disease of brain reward, motivation, memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in these circuits leads to characteristic biological, psychological, social and spiritual manifestations. This is reflected in an individual pathologically pursuing reward and/or relief by substance use and other behaviors. […] [...]

Music Therapy

The disease of addiction has been referred to as a “feelings disease.” As an addict, I often-times wold drink or drug to avoid dealing with my emotions because I didn’t know how to deal with them the right way.  I went to an inpatient rehab in Florida and while I was not able to stay [...]

Choose Your Lane!

Every addict is capable of escaping the chains of active addiction.  Who better to understand and help an addict than another addict in recovery who has lived it and can share their experience and guidance? There is no "recipe for success". Each person must create their own specific path to recovery. On this website, I [...]