Cunning, Baffling and Powerful

Addiction will take you places you never imagined or dreamed you could go. It takes you to an all time low. Like a person possessed with an evil spirit, addiction seeks to control the addict at first. Like a virus infecting each individual cell, addiction will slowly, gradually, consume the entire individual. Anyone that has watched this phenomenon happen to a friend or loved one can attest,I’m sure.
One of the first lies that we, as addicts tell ourselves is that we can control our using. Sometimes, at first, we can. What sets addicts apart from non-addicts is our predisposition to the obsession and compulsion of drug addiction. In other words, we can’t stop. Ourlives become unbalanced and we are no longer able to function in society.
I have been struggling with addiction for as long as I can remember. I am cross-addicted. I have struggled with alcoholism, cocaine addiction and heroin addiction. My drug of choice is more. I grew up in a country club community. Born to a prominent family of lawyers and judges, a drug addicted prostitute and fugitive is probably not what my parents had envisioned but then again; This disease does not discriminate.